hpna 10 install on linux – HP Network Automation

HP Network Automation 10 install on Linux


  • License that you can get from HP, for example trial: HPNA trial
  • Get the Linux installer: for example Software_NA_Linux_Eng_New_Install_10.10_T8975-15046
  • Take a look at the docs/en/support_matrix
    • Setup a HPNA Application Server, most supported OS is Redhat Linux 6.4 and above
    • Optinally setup an additional server: Database server (Oracle or MSSQL) if you do not want to use the MySQL
  • Setup a fully working fqdn for both app server and db server on your network

HPNA Application install simple steps on Redhat:

setup time zone
export TZ
turn available to child processes in shell
ulimit -n 32768
extend the number of processes to 32768
go through on the HPNA installer command line steps including configuring your preferred database instance and main admin user
customize your firewall or simply turn of SELinux in order to access the hpna https web frontend

hpna login screen

hpna initial screen




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