Create Users in BSD 2.11 Unix

In this example we will add user name ‘mazsola’ to the BSD 2.11 system.

edit (vi) – /etc/master.passwd

mazsola::101:40::::A regular user:/usr/mazsola:/bin/sh

After this preparation step, execute the following sequence of commands:

cp master.passwd passwd
mkpasswd /etc/passwd
chpass mazsola

Changing user database information for mazsola.
Login: mazsola
Uid [#]: 101
Gid [# or name]: 40
Change [month day year]:
Expire [month day year]:
Home directory: /usr/mazsola
Shell: /bin/sh
Full Name: A regular user
Office Phone:
Home Phone:

You can save and exit from Jove editor with CTRL+x -save, then CTRL+c combinations

Additional steps for proper permission settings

chmod a+r /usr # (only first time, all user must be able to read their “..”)
mkdir /usr/mazsola
chgrp staff /usr/mazsola
chown mazsola /usr/mazsola
chmod a+rw /tmp

Add the user to the relevant groups under /etc/group file

cat /etc/group
wheel::0:root,test daemon::1:daemon
kmem::2: sys::3:
tty::4: operator::5:
guest::31: unify::40:

After the above steps executed, the created user should be able to login to th e system and change his/her own password:

2.11 BSD UNIX (
login: mazsola
2.11 BSD UNIX #1: Sun May 21 03:04:03 PDT 2017
$ passwd
Changing password for mazsola.
Old password:
New password:
Retype new password:

Validating the new password

2.11 BSD UNIX (
login: mazsola
Last login: Sun May 21 19:06:52 from
2.11 BSD UNIX #1: Sun May 21 03:04:03 PDT 2017
$ whoami
$ who
root console May 21 18:52
root ttyp0 May 21 19:04 (
mazsola ttyp1 May 21 19:06 (

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