3dfx Voodoo2 SLI emulation under PCem Windows 98

We tried PCem classic Pentium PC emulator, which can emulate perfectly a Pentium1 machine with 3dfx graphics card installed and a soundblaster 16 as well.


The exact config:

  • Pentium1 MMX 233MHZ
  • 128MB Ram
  • 3dfx Voodoo2 SLI
  • Soundblaster 16

For the perfect gaming experience you should give the maximum host cpu power for the emulation, the CPU frequency should be around ~4GHZ – and everything went smooth, sound and picture quality were perfect!

You should try as well.

BIOS Emulated
Windows 98
Voodoo2 SLI emulated
Need for Speed 2 SE – using Glide2x.dll

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